About this Project

This is a smaller project that got inspired by nightmare I had to process. I have a strong repulsive reaction when it comes to slimy transparent creatures so I suppose visualizing it is my way of dealing with that. This character was sculpted from scratch from imagination in Zbrush and textured in substance Painter. It was rendered in the Unreal 4 engine and touched up in Photoshop. It took me a couple of weeks working off and on during the evenings.


There are two different versions as I was once more evaluating the result a period after finishing it. I felt it was a little too contrasting, crisp and colorful at the time, especially considering the theme.  I then made a another version, more muted and hazy. Looking back now I feel like it lacks some of the “pop” so I include them both. Which one do you like more? Or perhaps the whole thing is just off putting to you. That’s fine too ^_^