About this Project

This is a game ready 3d model of an old book bearing the actual coat of arms of my family.

The crest design is historically accurate except for the helmet which is my own design. You can see the reference I used further below.

I started this project in honor of the memory of my father who passed away a couple of years ago. I feel like I owe him a lot in becoming an artist, as he was a skilled oil painter and remains an inspiration. 

My father saved a scan of this coat of arms from an old book detailing the history of our family. I didn’t have to access to the book itself but thanks to the scan he saved I was able to get inspired and search online for more reference.

I used a lot of different software packages to come to this result. The coat of arms was entirely sculpted in Zbrush, I then retopologized and baked it in 3ds Max. Then I started texturing it in Substance Designer and later refined in Substance Painter.

The book itself was modeled in 3ds Max using subdiv modeling. I baked the textures there as well. The materials were created using substance painter, I also brought the coat of arms into that texture painting as well to make sure it all matched up correctly.

I worked on this off and on for a long time and it was quite a lot of work but I’m happy to be finally able to share it. Hope you like it!

I was able to reference the design of the crest. I even managed to find photos of the original book online at some website containing background info on dutch family trees.