2016 - Mc Glormch

“Ach! Yer a bonnie lass but can y’keep yer peace for a moment so I can enjoy me wee dram?”

Quick sculpt in Zbrush just for fun. Rendered in Keyshot.

2013 - Sharkaiju

This is what happens when you watch too much Sharkweek on Discovery channel and also see Pacific Rim in the cinema. This guy was sculpted and rendered in Zbrush.

2011 - Cute little bird

This is a small promotional video (no sound) I made for a project I was working on along with some other people. The bird character was designed and modelled by me. The rigging and animations are done by me as well. It was made for a little game where you toss breadcrumbs at the bird and it hops over to eat them.

2011 - Canyon Road

I made these images when I applied to a studio and was given a testcase. I was tasked with replicating a reference photo (the third image). I did not end up getting the job but it was fun to do!

2010 - Architectural Furniture

These props were commissioned by a client when I was doing freelance work.

2011 - Clothing Store Design

2005/2008 - Various

This gallery contains miscellaneous 3d work I did between 2005 and 2008

2005 - Team V

This gallery contains my very first 3d work I care to show (or kept around). It is also a commission I did for an ad agency. It was incredibly fun and educational to do at the time. I was still in school back then and it was my first step into 3d as a professional.