Topaz Troll


Before you continue reading, please watch the video above! 

Alright, are you back? I really hope you liked the video! I’m quite proud of the result but honestly the Topaz Troll is a bit of a nonsensical creature design. It started out as a practice sculpt for fun and I never intended for it to become this big of a project but it quickly grew into what you just witnessed.

The Topaz Troll is a big monster with a bigger stone axe. He has huge rocks growing out of his claws, feet and shoulders, almost like an odd monstrous porcupine. He has a wooden construction rigged up to the rocks which he uses to mount his cape and axe but also has magical and ritual properties.

The character animation was done by a former colleague Tom Clercx. I’m very grateful for his work and it turned out very cool. An unintended result of the animation was that I felt obliged to do it justice and as a result I spent a long time to create the showcase video.  Anyway, thanks Tom! 🙂