Turtle Tank

Marvel at the Grand Turtle Tank! This is a project I completed in early 2011. I intended to create a fantastical creature by my own design in full detail.

The Turtle Tank is an early twentieth century autonomous offensive tank creature developed toward the end of the great war. Hidden underneath its shell is a great cannon able to strategically neutralize any threat it encounters along its path.


Rigging Solution

Here is shown a demonstration of the rigging solution I came up with in 3ds Max. A rig is a collection of “bones” which drive movement of the character. Any piece of geometry can be moved and deformed by one or more bones. The bones themselves are controlled by helpers which allow for advanced and complex movement systems. Such as the character staying grounded with its feet when the body is moved around, as opposed to the feet intersecting through the floor.

Concept Art

To the left is shown some basic concept art I made for the design. I intentionally created simple side-views so I was able to focus on the design better instead of creating a dramatic image.