About Cloudscape

Cloudscape is a game concept that never got past the initial design phase. The art team spent a month prototyping and designing artstyle, characters and environments. We were all very enthusiastic to work on these designs and it was great to dream up this imaginary world. The game was intended to become a basic block-puzzle game woven together through with a simple narrative. At the time I felt like the game design wasn’t very inspired so I tried my hardest to let the artwork compensate.

Eventually it was decided that the design wasn’t strong enough to try and shop around to publishers and the project was cancelled. It hit some of our artists pretty hard which I felt bad about, but of course that’s just the reality of the games industry.¬†

Hands On
  • ¬†Environment Layout and Decoration
  • Lighting and Atmosphere
  • Character Concept Designs
  • Environment Stylistic Design
Environment Concepts 3d

The gallery below shows environments concepts for varying locations and a little bit of puzzle design. We settled on a rather vibrant style with a unique shading method. We created a shader which created harsh shadows which transitioned with a crosshatch pattern into the light. This all started with the idea of making environments resemble vintage victorian era maps. I still really like the look of these images.

The images below show all of the 3d environments we created, I was hands-on mostly with terrain materials, textures, lighting and atmospherics.

Environment Concepts 2d

Below you can see the 2d concepts we created for stylistic research. As you can hopefully tell, we tried a number of different approaches. The designs are all done by Thomas Visscher, a very talented concept artist who would remind me that he has progressed by a lot since making these. My part in these images is all the coloring since he did the setups in lineart and basic shading and had to move on to some character designs. It was a cool collaboration.

Character Concepts

Here are the character designs I did for the game. I created everything except for the lineart on the lady (the Spirit) and the creatures, which were done by Thomas Visscher.