Robot Guide

The robot shown in the video above is the guide helping the user throughout the application. The robot was designed, modeled and textured from scratch by me in 5 days of work. Below you can view a demonstration of a shader I created to make the eyes of the robot animatable. 

About the Project

Construction Concepts is a VR application in which insurance companies can let their employees learn about home construction. It teaches them how houses are constructed, which materials are used and in which order the construction is done. The user progresses through a number of stages, building parts of a model home bit by bit by placing beams, walls, pipes and panels in place. A robot suspended from the ceiling helps the user along by providing instructions and advice.

  • Managing tasks, briefings, reviews and client art updates
  • Environment Construction
  • Lighting and atmospherics
  • Robot design and 3d model
Robot Gallery



We made two very differing environments for Construction Concepts. First we made the Cozy cabin which was intended as a pleasant and interesting room for the application to take place in. This room was used for a client licenced version of the application developed for the USAA insurance company. Eventually we needed another environment which would be used for the “whitelabeled” version of the application which is intended for the project as a purchasable application instead of a client project. For that, is was decided that a home under construction would be more appropriate. 

For both environments I created most of the room design and structure, layout, decoration, lighting and atmosphere. Both of these rooms were made within two weeks each with the help of two other artists. 

Cozy cabin environment

Home construction Environment