Video Showcase

I created the video below to display models which were either made by me or otherwise made under my supervision. 

About Fairytale Fights

From 2007 through to 2010 I worked at Playlogic to help make the game Fairytale Fights. An Unreal 3 engine game for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The game was about fairytale princesses brutally murdering other fairytale characters in a childfriendly cartoony aesthetic. The game had its shortcomings but was pretty fun overall. I had a great time, learned so much and met lots of interesting and talented people along the way. I started as an intern in 2007 and was eager to learn as much as I could about 3d modeling. My interest and love for game development really took off during this time. I also discovered that I had a can-do attitude and an natural inclination towards leadership. Just half a year after my internship was finished I was already leading a team of six 3d artists and later on started coordinating outsourcing work.

Unfortunately, the company eventually went bankrupt and all the employees were let go. I have to assume it had something to do with the lukewarm reception of the game. But at least most reviews said it looked cool!

Playlogic Leader

I created the short Logo intro shown to the left as an intro to the game. The storyboard and audio was done by others but I did all the 3d work, animation, video composition and rendering. Looking back I feel like it feels a bit plain but it was fun to do at the time.

Mineshaft Level

Shown left is a brief demo of an unreleased level for the game, the Mineshaft. It was intended as an Expansion but never saw the light of day. I supervised the creation of all assets and also made a lot of them myself.