A quick word about Darkout, in case the gallery below sparks your curiosity. All the work shown below is made by me for an Indie-Game which I helped create during 2013 and 2014. During this time I was the main artist for much of the content. It’s a bittersweet memory because I joined an ex-colleague from Playlogic in his dream to create a relatively simple side-scrolling Minecraft inspired videogame. I had a lot of fun in creating these assets but it turned out feeling like a massive waste of time and trust. The game did not do well after it released on Steam and the man who asked me to join him compensated me very little for all my time and effort. I felt like I was taken advantage of and looking at this artwork caused nothing but painful memories. But now, with some years in between I can at least appreciate the art on its own merit. There’s some pretty neat stuff in here so I’m happy to showcase these works now. Hope you enjoy!

Darkout Gallery

So I’m quite proud of this, all of these characters are 100% by my own design and modeling. They are relatively simple in setup, no advanced 3d sculpting or next-gen texturing… just old fashioned box modeling and texturing (Photoshop and 3dCoat if I remember correctly, nowadays I use Substance Painter). I still think the character designs and renders are quite strong even if a bit generic. I still like the forms and poses as well as the vivid colors. I look back on these fondly.

Props and Assets

Below are many of the assets I created for this game.

Particle Effects

The particle effects below were all made by me. Now indulge me while I go on a quick rant…These effects were made in Torque2d, the engine used for the game. I mention this as the engine proved a handicap to my particle making abilities. I’m fairly inexperienced when it comes to particles and Torque2d offers a rather poor Particle creation toolkit so keep that in mind when checking these out 🙂
The effects are all 2d and most of the sprites are hand-drawn.

Finally, please open the thumbnails to get a larger view at a higher framerate, thanks!

Tiling Textures

The following are seamless tiling textures which I have hand-drawn in Photoshop.

Concept Art

I’m not great at concept art and when creating these I was very obviously not great at creating concept art. However, it allowed me to explore shapes and ideas in an quick and efficient way. This being the case I decided to still include these, as it provides an insight into my process.