Promo Video

The video above is the promotional video for Geostorm. The video has sound so adjust the volume slider if you’d like to hear it.  I did not create the video itself but it does a good job showcasing the work of my team and me.

My Responsibilities 

  • Managing tasks, briefings, reviews and client art updates
  • Mentoring and coaching artists
  • Establishing graphic style
  • Environment and structural assets
  • Environment decoration
  • Lighting and atmospherics
About the Project

Geostorm is a game we created in 2017 as a promotional game for the similarly titled movie. It was a huge challenge but a ton of fun!

The gameplay is inspired by the Tombraider puzzle game. The puzzle mechanics aren’t groundbreaking but it’s fun and thanks to my team the world has become interesting to navigate and discover. I also took a bit of inspiration for the artstyle from Tombraider but we put enough of our own spin on it to make it unique. The proportions and lighting aim at a certain level of realism but the forms are faceted and the textures are very simple. 

The player takes the role of four different people dealing with unnatural disasters in four different locations. 

Dubai is flooded, Afghanistan is frozen over, Orlando, is being plagued by incessant  deadly thunderstorms and the International Space Station, where the solution to all these disasters can be found. 


The Dubai levels were the first we created for this game. You’re a business executive in a highrise office caught by a huge tidal wave during the work day. The offices are destroyed and the structure is barely keeping together. The rooms are very moody and almost invoke claustrophobia despite being large open spaces. 

I created many of the structural assets and did much of the decoration and lighting for these levels.

Frozen Afghanistan & Orlando

The image above is a target render and 3d concept I created for the Afghanistan levels. Parts of Afghanistan are frozen over due to probes controlling the weather.

The following gallery shows screenshots from the game in the final Afghanistan and Orlando levels. The final Afghanistan levels were mostly done (and improved upon my concept) by the talented Vadim Sorici.

I created all the structural assets for the Orlando levels and did much of the level decoration and lighting. 

International Space Station

This gallery shows game screenshots from the International Space Station levels. I’m really proud of this environment. I created almost all the structural environment assets, did the level decoration and lighting. 

Promotional Images