The image above is the render target I created for the client to demonstrate what the graphical style and fidelity of the game would look like.

The video above is a grab bag of game footage. It’s very action packed! Turn on the Sound!

Rift vs Gear comparison

Open up the images below to see the difference between the platforms the game was developed for. We had to optimize the game for the Oculus Gear as that’s basically a mobile phone with VR goggles. At the same time it still had to look good on Oculus Rift which uses a desktop computer.

Promotional Video

Above is the promotional video. I did not create the video but thought it’d be cool to include. It has sound, adjust the audio slider to hear it. 

About the Project

Project RAMPAGE VR was a crazy project. The game itself is a first person action packed monster simulator. The objective is to defeat military forces, survive and cause destruction! 

We were asked to create two open world environments cities (Chicago and Paris), navigate these as giant monsters in a VR experience and allow them to demolish the entire city. Aside from the insanity of those requirements, it all had to run on the Oculus Gear so it also required clever trickery to get it properly optimized. And to top it all off, it also had to be multi-platform as it had to run and  look good on Oculus Rift, which is a desktop VR headset.

I honestly thought the ask was unrealistic but we set to work and made it all happen. 

The game itself feels rather buggy and slightly unpolished but the environments and assets look pretty great considering the resources. The art team really came together and knocked this out in a way that could not be more efficient. I was really proud of them and I was also quite satisfied with my role as the art director and lead.

  • Managing tasks, briefings, reviews and client art updates
  • Overall City design and layout
  • Structure Assets and Terrains
  • Building Destruction Solution
  • Environment Design and decoration
  • Lighting and atmospherics