About the Project

Propel is a Multi-User VR tool, it allows users to collaboratively evaluate custom 3d CAD content centrally stationed in a pleasant environment. Users see each others avatars moving and interacting.

  • Managing tasks, briefings, reviews and client art updates
  • Environment decoration
  • Lighting and atmospherics
  • Terrain Textures
  • Male Characters
  • Robot Character
  • Benchmark Assets
Video Gallery

To the left is a video of the demonstration table cycling through an animation raising from the floor, opening the projection aperture and closing back down again. The table is by my design and I did everything you see.

Here we can see my little buddy named Prop-E. A hilariously funny pun on Wall-E and Propel. We didn’t end up using him but I had fun creating the little guy. I did everything from the design to the animation. Which is probably obvious as the animation is pretty terrible. Regardless, I wanted his turntable to be a little bit lively without struggling too long with the animation.

Character customization


The physically schizophrenic dude shown on the left demonstrates the customizability of the male character I created for this project.

Propel Gallery

The gallery below shows screenshots of the experience from an “out of body experience perspective”. The actual simulation is seen from a first person perspective in VR.

I designed the environment and characters to look like a luxurious rustic but still modern lounge space. It is meant to provide a relaxing atmosphere which is fun to be in and explore for a little bit. The central table raises from the floor and provides a platform for CAD models to be materialized and examined.

Everything shown is made from scratch and in-house by the team of talented artists I had the pleasure of leading.