Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Opposite is the promotional video. It has sound so adjust the volume slider if you’d like to hear it.

I did not make the video itself but thought it would neat to include as it does show the work of my team and me. 

About the Project

This game was one of my favorite little projects to work on. Nickelodeon approached us to create a TMNT Game which was great as it tickles my nostalgia, I used to love the Turtles!

The gameplay is very simple, it’s like a clicker game. But the game looks and feels great to play! The other unique thing it that it’s a mobile AR (Augmented Reality) game.

We managed to reproduce the artstyle very true to the new cartoon show. The characters are very expressive and the animators did a great job bringing them to life. 

I had a lot of fun involving myself with all the production tasks, coaching artists to help find the exact stylization and bringing everything together in a cohesive look.

I spent most time hands on with the environments, I had a lot of fun detailing and lighting these cool looking sewer dwellings.

  • Accurately establish and reproduce TV show’s artstyle.
  • Collaborate with concept artist
  • Block out environments
  • Final decoration and lighting passes on environments
  • Planning, managing and directing of all art production tasks.
  • Collaborate with managers and other disciplines to define and meet deadlines
  • Present updates and results to client
Environment Design: Hangout
Environment Design: Sewer