Tomb Raider VR

Tomb Raider VR is a small 5 minute experience we made which was going to be playable on a convention floor. We had to make it in a single month with only a few artists. We had to work really hard but managed to finish everything without a single day of overtime!

In addition to overall Art Direction I did all the level building, decoration and lighting.

Grachtenbrawler Gamejam

Grachtenbrawler is a game prototype I made with a very small team during a Gamejam. It was playable and both fun and funny. You traverse the mean streets of Amsterdam during the seventies as a rogue vigilante cop hellbent on some kind of revenge and fight the baddies, mostly drugdealers.

The greatest part is that we created an experience where you’re encouraged to use the environment to fight. Everything you can lift can be used to hit opponents with. If you grab a bicycle and hit a baddy over the head with it. The bicycle will then break after which you can grab one of the tires and hit the goon with it again. It’s great hahah. 

In addition to overall Art Direction I did all the level building, decoration, lighting, some buildings and props. The characters were hijacked from another game.

Kong Skull Island

Kong Skull Island was a great learning experience but was never able to become an actual game. It never came past the pitch phase but management was so confident it would come through that we had already started creating an entire tropical island environment. The crazy thing about this environment is that it’s built to run very well on mobile devices.

I did most of the level decoration and lighting as well as modeling some rocks and terrain materials. I also created the whole terrain in World Machine.

We had it developed to the point that we were able to traverse the island and fight with the insect enemies. We also developed our own procedural sky and day/night cycle system. It was actually pretty fun to play and looked pretty impressive on a mobile device at the time. 

Gods of Egypt

Gods of Egypt is a promotional game for the similarly named movie. It’s a linear narrative fighting game and while it had some flaws I still remember it fondly. 

I did much of the level building and created the Horus character (shown in the gallery). 

Man from UNCLE

Man from UNCLE is a promotional game for the similarly named movie. It’s a small open world game  in which you traverse the city of Berlin during the time of the iron curtain. You’re required to do small missions and errants while being assaulted by baddies and the military.  

I managed the outsourcing for vehicles and characters, modeled the protagonist characters, some buildings and built and decorated the entire city. The game ran quite well on mobile platforms despite it being an open world environment with free movement. Looking back, the art doesn’t look amazing but remembering the speed at which everything had to be created it’s still an achievement I’m proud of. 

Mazerunner & Mazerunner Scorch

Mazerunner and Mazerunner Scorch are runner games for mobile devices. This was the first thing I worked on when I joined Sticky Studios. I mostly worked on characters but later in the project I took on more of a leading role and spent the remaining time mostly on doing level design.