Suicide Squad

Above is the promotional trailer. The video has sound so turn that on if you’d like to hear it. 

During 2016 we got to create this small game which I’m very proud of. In my opinion it’s one of the most entertaining small free games which we made at Sticky Studios.

play as Deadshot, Diablo or Harley Quinn with their signature weapons as they fight to survive in a city that wants to destroy them. Fight against waves of increasingly difficult waves of enemies as you search for the tools you’ll need to make it out alive: health packs, weapon upgrades and ammunition. More than just guns and ammo, you’ll need to master each character’s special abilities in order to achieve maximum damage. 

We worked really hard for about three months with a team of around 4 3d artists, 5 developers and a handful of others (UI/UX, managers, audio). This small team managed to create something quite remarkable in such a short time, I think.

  • Art production planning and management
  • All Level Decoration
  • All Lighting
  • Directed Asset and Character creation
  • Directed shader and texture workflow and pipeline

Download the PC, iOS and Android version of the game here: