The video above has sound, adjust the volume slider if you’d like to hear it.

About the Project

During 2018 we had the opportunity to strike a deal with Gamehouse, a dutch games publisher to develop games for them. To help the process along we decided it would be cool to make a short video to show our enthusiasm and skills. Together with the talented Irini Wiersma, she and I created this poster and video  from scratch within less than 10 workdays during some downtime in the studio.

Unfortunately it never came to fruition but I still really like the result of this little project. Perhaps the lion was seen as a bit threatening? Hahah, don’t worry, he means well 😉

  • Environment decoration and lighting
  • Atmospherics and Skydome
  • Animations and presentation
  • Shaders and Materials
  • Modeling of Rocks and Terrain

Irini did all the awesome modeling and texturing work on the Character, Jeep, Kitty and other animals.