3d Projects that are quick, small, older or otherwise don't really merit a spot on the front page of my 3d portfolio.

Strange things happen when you watch Sharknado and Pacific Rim within a week of Discovery Sharkweek. I do believe I have gotten the sharkiness out of my system now. This rude dude was created in a couple of days using exclusively Zbrush with a light touch of Photoshop. The lighting was achieved mostly by utilizing Zbrush' MatCap system.

I did this project back in 2013 as part of a application test. I applied for a job at a UK studio and was asked to reproduce a 3d environment from a provided photograph.

3d modeling of architectural visual design.

My 3d modeling work going back to some of the first things I ever did. I like keeping these around to see my progression and some are still kind of nice to see.

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