Goldrush Ratrod

I just updated theĀ Concept Art and Graphic Design with the following image. These are vehicle concept designs I made for a personal 3d project back in 2015. Unfortunately the 3d model never got finished but I figured the designs are still cool enough to show!

These are so called Ratrods, Hotrods modified to look extra gritty. In my mind these belonged to prospectors in the goldrush period. They needed these amped up monsters to reach the best claims before the other goldminers.

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Exotic Spearfisher

Added a new illustration. this girl is an experienced spearfisher from an exotic aquatic society on a remote tropical island. Next to the most elusive fish she may also catch everyone’s glances.

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New website is up!

Over a month of hard work and I finally have my new portfolio website up and running! Hope you enjoy all the artwork you’ll find in my portfolio pages. There’s a lot of different stuff to be found. To celebrate, here’s a quick illustration I recently made!

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